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I will be busy for awhile.


Halo guys! I would like to leave short notice of me have been missing for whole month.

I am now final year of university so I have been busy with my graduation reports and also coming exam. So, these are what I would do for Aug:

  • I will try to release scanlation under BLGYARU in coming next…
hello can I ask if you guys are gonna release the new chapters of kuroneko anytime soon?

Yes. We will. We’re currently waiting for translation from Paradise Love Scanlation. 

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HIDOKU SHINAIDE NEW DJ!!! calls ‘My boyfriend is cute anyway.’

Sneak peek of Hidoku Shinaide Dj!

Sensei tweet: preparing for second book which will release in summer☆〜(ゝ。∂)

The World's Greatest First Love! is now license by Sublime

I’m not sure if I should be happy about it since Nakamura-sensei has been released this series for like… 9 vols.? and September is doing such a good job for scanlation. I guess now we have to wait at least 2 years to read the latest vol… Congrats to Nakamura-sensei btw!


This will be on sale soon! Can’t wait to get it~